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Pokedex: Ninetales by JoJoesArt

I love your work. Obviously, I'm pretty sure that I've favorited each piece and critiqued a few of them. I also love Pokemon, so your latest pieces have practically made me leap with joy.
That being said, this is not my favorite of your works. Don't get me wrong, it's stil amazing and I love it(not to mention its a million times better than anything I could try), but I don't think it has the same impact as your prievious pieces. To me it seems less natural and flowing than your previous images, mostly emphasized by the obvious lining seen in the hair. The blending skills are spectacular as usual, and right off the bat it's obvious as to which pokemon you were working with so don't think of this as a failure. Please don't.
I love how you include the evolutionary family of the pokemon, interesting facts, and a size comparison, just like a real pokedex. Even the detail in the bottom right corner as to which number the Pokedex is set on! Just as always you impressed me with your work and this is by no means a disappointment. I wish you luck and I hope you continue to inspire other artists as you continue practicing and enhancing your talents even more.
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